Evergreen Part II

If you place yourself in the mountains during the rarest, most golden fall; you must not forget that the seasons change and that winter comes. And yet, nothing can defy the everlasting beauty.… Continue reading

Evergreen Part III: Plot Twist

You move to the mountains because you think you need to restore your energy. You go because you didn’t find what you were looking for in your hometown and you weren’t enough for anything… Continue reading


I tread two thousand miles over mesa valleys, vineyards, naked mountains, the River of Lost Souls, the rugged desert, and finally, mining towns– in hopes that one of these landscapes would pull me… Continue reading

Day 14: I-25 NM Decisions & Conclusions

September 29, 2016 By this time, I knew I’d obtained an overwhelming amount of positive new experiences, befriended a vast variety¬†of new people, and achieved a greater sense of intuition than I could… Continue reading

Day 13: Hummingbird Trailhead

September 28, 2016 While I was sifting through piles of meaningless paper and lost notes that had been previously stored in drawers that were now sold and absent after my garage sale on… Continue reading

Day 12: Silver City

The first thing you’ll notice about Silver City when you wake up in the morning is that the trees, the cacti, the birds, and residents are all reading your mind. Not in a… Continue reading

Day 11: Truth or Consequences, Hillsboro, Kingston, Silver City

September 26, 2016 I did make it a point to stop in all of these places. Secretly, or maybe not so secretly, I had been scheming to relocate to Truth or Consequences or… Continue reading

Day 10: Madrid, New Mexico

Madrid is a place where it is common for someone to wave you over from thirty yards away because they recognize your outline as if they’ve known you for years– perhaps lifetimes– and… Continue reading

Day 9: Leaving Durango to Albuquerque

September 25th, 2016 I told my host I would wake up at 6am, so Gregg was up at 6am starting a fire to spark my departure to Albuquerque. I hadn’t given myself the… Continue reading

Day 8: Durango- Silverton Train

September 24, 2016 I was a little disappointed when I realized, at midnight, that the Durango- Silverton train left at 8:00am that morning. This meant I’d carried in my suitcase and had become… Continue reading