Truth or Consequences II

If you feel a deep gravitational longing in your heart towards someone, do not question why that is. So you were reincarnated. You share the same heart with someone else, and this is… Continue reading

Dreaming Prophetically, Profusely

When a song doesn’t immediately come of such a profound statement, a blog post must arise as an adequate substitute. In such short, fleeting encounters that I have with customers at my job,… Continue reading

Lessons on Overcoming Fear

If you’re afraid, do not fear. You are not alone. Everyone’s afraid of something. Everyone’s afraid of words. Everyone’s afraid of love. Everyone’s afraid of success. Everyone’s afraid of truth. Everyone’s afraid of… Continue reading

Fear of Imperfection

If anyone has ever told you, “In order to be loved, you must first love yourself…” and left it at that, I want you to recognize that this is a very dangerous and… Continue reading

Love is Everywhere

  I’ve been having two owls appear to me persistently for the past few months- since the beginning of the New Year. They have been showing up in pairs every time I’m in… Continue reading


Remember that everything is always a reflection. What needs are you rejecting yourself? Consistency in self-care and self-love inevitably leads to a world-view mirror of unconditional love and reciprocation… and you’ll be able… Continue reading

Healing the Disconnect

There are 7.5 billion inhabitants of Earth, and yet I believe it must be the loneliest planet in the Galaxy. As I sat alone examining my thoughts on a wintery night as I… Continue reading

Evergreen Part II

If you place yourself in the mountains during the rarest, most golden fall; you must not forget that the seasons change and that winter comes. And yet, nothing can defy the everlasting beauty.… Continue reading

Evergreen Part III: Plot Twist

You move to the mountains because you think you need to restore your energy. You go because you didn’t find what you were looking for in your hometown and you weren’t enough for anything… Continue reading


I tread two thousand miles over mesa valleys, vineyards, naked mountains, the River of Lost Souls, the rugged desert, and finally, mining towns– in hopes that one of these landscapes would pull me… Continue reading