No matter the time of day, the sky always darkens whenever I near this place, with my foot jammed against the gas pedal of my poor car that’s always hesitant to go over those jaundiced hills, fearing what will be on the other side.

My car knows by now, and so do I. It can feel the magnetic force too; we’d both rather stop running against the wind and allow that force to pull us back to where we belong (or at least somewhere closer to that place). But there’s no turning back for either of us as we descend down the treacherously steep and winding road into a frozen abyss, where we become instantly fossilized within the most recent layer of ice.

Ever since I first saw this place over a decade ago, it was clear to me that I would never belong here. So I’m not quite sure why I’m here now, and I’m not quite sure how to escape. Sure, I can wait for the tiniest glint of sunlight to shine on the area of ice inside which I lie, frozen… but I’d like to believe that some great and powerful being might come along and chisel away until I am set free.

Maybe I could tell the snow-capped mountains to channel the Sleeping Giant that sleeps along the border of Kauai, and if they succeeded, the Giant would awaken from his warm and peaceful slumber to stand atop his feet for the first time in centuries. He would bend down and reach his arms across the Pacific, break the ice with one blow of his fist, and scoop me up in my shivering state, gently placing me amongst the vibrant palm trees at his feet.

I would thank the Giant kindly and let him resume his comfortable sleeping position. I would sprint to the ocean to swim, at last, in free-flowing water with fish that have also been resurrected from their fossilized states. There, we would continuously jump in and out of the glistening waves, celebrating what it feels like to be unfrozen and unrestricted by any gravitational forces. We would cherish the glory of the sunshine upon our skin and scales, eternally glistening as we leapt for joy.