The trees are basking in the light of the sunset, glowing in gold. The hills are engulfed in a haze that is slowly rising. To the east, the sky is regaining its natural deep blue color that has been hidden all day, only to be turned black in just a few minutes.

For the first time in my life, I can see where each end of the rainbow touches the ground from both of my windows on the eleventh floor. Neither spot is far away from me; I would run there if I could, if I had the energy. I would tell the people in those areas that they are standing in a rainbow. How would we ever know if we were standing in a rainbow?

I forgot that they even existed. I haven’t seen one in almost an entire year, so here I find myself gazing at these vivid colors fading back into the clouds. I cannot be sure where that strip of floating colors goes as it ascends into the fog– I only know that the colors made it over to the other side, all in one, just as bright and vivid as before.


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