What I’ve Found.

Abstract Essays, Soul heartedly

Let me tell you what I have found in the past three months.

I have found peace. I’ve found that I am so much happier with myself and the world. I have found that college education isn’t necessary, especially when it comes to being the person you’d like to be. I have found that I’m actually learning so much more by not being in college… and obtaining ALL of it. Because it’s important.

I have found the Sun. I have found the Sun easier to enjoy and more days to absorb it. I have found that the Sun is essential to my being. I have found my strength in absorbing its rays.

I have found friends. I have found that there are actually people on this planet who appreciate my being. I’ve found friends by accident when I wasn’t looking. I have found that I had forgotten that family are some of the best friends.

I have found creativity. I have found so many mystical books to read. I’ve found a hidden talent of singing bluesy covers of old rock n roll songs. I’ve found a green room full of magical paintings. I found a free novel writing class to attend over six weeks, and now I have co-founded a writing group.

I have found hope. I’ve found that I don’t always have to be a miserable, unhealthy soul. I have found that things happen for a reason always. I have found that my soul truly desires to become a yoga instructor and an herbalist. I’ve found that working two jobs– at a smoothie shop and a coffee shop–is not only fun and fulfilling, but it promises so many benefits for the present and future.

I have found time. I have found the time to play my guitar out in Sun during the morning. I have found time to walk my dog around the park. I have found time to read all of those mystical books that inspire my own novel creations. I have found that I don’t have to worry about much. I’ve found time to do yoga at least twice a week. I’ve found time to attend various writing workshops– for FREE. I have found that even when working ten hours in one day at two jobs, I actually feel even more energized at the end of the day.

I’ve found endless possibilities. I’ve already planned on opening a healing center with a friend, opening a coffee shop with another in our retirement years. I’ve found people who gave me generous tips on how to complete my novel. I’ve found friends I’ve had all along to exchange short stories with, and have found others to collaborate with on music and songwriting.

I have found adventure. I’ve have explored the limits of Cheyenne on my road bike. I drove to another city not knowing what I would find and ended up doing yoga in a studio loft surrounded by plants, as well as sitting in a coffee shop writing my novel. I’ve attended countless events with no one but myself and have met so many people by doing so. I have found that walking in the sun makes my spirit stir and become more alive. And so, I have also found health physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I have found freedom. I’ve found that riding a bike brings so much freedom to the mind. I’ve found how freeing yoga is to the body and the soul, and how freeing meditation is to the mind. I’ve freed myself from loneliness by associating myself with people with these like interests every day because I’ve found many meditation and yoga groups to become a part of.

I’ve found knowledge. I have found that books of traditional healing to be of spectacular importance. (And much cheaper than college textbooks, because I have also found many secondhand stores to buy from.) I’ve learned how to appreciate myself and how much more confident this makes me. I have learned how to trust my intuition and do things that make me happy. I’ve learned that I have to make myself present in any event that interests me, even if I have no energy, because one event has the power to change the course of my life. In fact, I’ve learned that EVERY ACTION changes my life dramatically. I’ve come to know the whole city and have learned that the majority the people I encounter are wise and accepting. I’ve learned how to make time and be productive, and how seriously important that is. I’ve learned that whenever there is nothing to do, there are always books to read. And I’ve learned that in order to fulfill all of my crazy dreams, I must work hard and be persistent. I’ve learned to make that the core of my intentions, along with assisting others in theirs.


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