Day 10

Soul heartedly


Today is Day 10 in my new downtown home, working back at my home store, in my hometown… and I can’t stop laughing. I didn’t realize what complete bliss I’d been missing out on those five months immersed in what I thought was my dream city. I didn’t realize how much laughter I would be lacking once I moved there. I could have never foreseen how much heavier I would feel in the skinniest state in the country, how much unhealthier I would become in the healthiest state, how much I would lose my mind in the state with the best state of mind, or how little sun I would absorb in the state with 360 days of sun. Forty miles away from all of that, I’ve rediscovered why I love life here. I am a fan of this place because nobody quite knows how to survive here unless you’ve decided to thrive here.

They’ll tell you there’s nothing to do, not realizing that simply looking at the sky is very much an active activity rare amongst urban populations throughout most of humanity. I’ve seen how buildings, stadiums, and trees block the sky view and the stars far too frequently elsewhere. They’ll tell you there’s no culture, not really taking heed of the vivid, real smiles being thrown generously about to mere strangers. Yes, culture exists here, in the smiles and laughter you’ll see wherever you go. It also exists in the silence of strolling the sunny streets, embracing the cool breeze blowing through your hair. It exists in the harmony of being acquainted with nearly everyone you might see on a daily basis, being able to exchange a friendly smile or even strike a conversation.

I can absorb the sun here because the city has absorbed me throughout the best parts of my life, shedding light upon my essence.

You’ll se the total eclipse of the sun when you’re where you should be all the time -“You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon


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