Day 12: Silver City


The first thing you’ll notice about Silver City when you wake up in the morning is that the trees, the cacti, the birds, and residents are all reading your mind. Not in a threatening or demeaning way, but in the most kind and caring way. I felt scattered and just a little out of place in this city. I was getting lost more so than I had been in other towns. It’s not that I felt afraid; I was just feeling confused.

The air was drier and cooler than I’d imagined. I spent time in a coffee shop drinking hibiscus tea. The coffee shop, at least, was comfortable and familiar to me with its yellow walls and Tibetan decór. I pretended to write, while I was really eavesdropping on two other writers interviewing the café owner and sole barista about his shop, along with other customers.

“I’m going to say this is the best mocha I’ve ever had- and I drink a lot of mochas,” the woman told the owner. She and her partner explained to the customers they spoke with that their reviewing business was mainly a Facebook page. The elders were curious to read about their responses, but sadly they didn’t have a Facebook. While the man sat down with one elder to help him create an account, I took the opportunity to speak with Lori about her business. She was an upcycled artist, music photographer, and writer. I mentioned that I am a musician, and she listed the famous musicians she’d photographed.

The music life- and writing life- is hard, she said, but “the Universe opens up to those who come prepared.”

She questioned why, if I were a musician, I didn’t have my guitar on me while I was just sitting here in a coffee shop.

I talked with the owner, Ray, who was also a musician. He confirmed that Silver City contains a great amount of talent, and invited me to his band’s event that “might” have been happening the next day.

As soon as I stepped foot in a thrift shop a few doors down, the cashier made eye contact with me and asked, “How are you?”

I was feeling drained and uncomfortable with the mineral energies sifting and swirling around in the air, but I replied, “Good, how are you?”

She looked at me knowingly. She could tell I was lying, and she didn’t like it. “Are you having a good day?”

So I told her I was depressed because of the weather. She was curious about my visit, so we talked for awhile and I felt as though I’d made a new friend in the city. While I was browsing, I ran into Lori again. She was looking for glass for her upcycled art projects. Before I exited the store, she told me, “Don’t forget: the Universe offers great things to those who come prepared.”

That night, I ate soup with Lora and Tim while basking in the sun’s last rays overlooking the Gilas. I decided I would stay one extra night, just in case I’d missed something of Silver City’s magic. I wouldn’t have wanted to come this far without experiencing something spectacular, if that was still in store. Lora invited me to go hiking with her the next morning.


The view from Lora’s back yard


One thought on “Day 12: Silver City

  1. It’s interesting that you were feeling drained in the city you felt you were called to. And also interesting that she kept telling you..the universe is open to those who are prepared. So I ask..what are you prepared for? It’s hard to be prepared when your not sure what your looking for. I think they could feel your confusion. And I think she’s right. When you know what you want and your prepared to fight for it, the universe knows and the doors will open up for you 🙂 Much love to you and your journey! ♡♡

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