Love is Everywhere


I’ve been having two owls appear to me persistently for the past few months- since the beginning of the New Year. They have been showing up in pairs every time I’m in a state of desperation, asking God/ the Universe for answers. I’ve heard that owls can act as messengers, which they are… but I also know that some departed souls often take the shape of owls to watch over those whom they love, guiding them on their journeys. A few days ago, I asked them to reveal their true personas.

I already knew. And once I determined their true identities and began calling on them for support. Immediately, I began seeing constant signs of their love and support (heart-shaped necklaces on every customer I checked out, wide-winged birds on the breast pockets of T-shirts, and the word LOVE imprinted on people I’ve dreamt of meeting. I quickly became flooded with feelings of unconditional love, flooding my heart and my body. Most interestingly, I felt a presence on my left hand as though someone were physically holding it.

On my walk around my forest neighborhood the next day, I couldn’t help but subconsciously call on the owls and ask them to show me love in a physical form. My first instinct was a common sense answer: me being the one to show love to the world and do what is right for the Earth. But how can I do this if I’d somehow lost my connection to my heart? How should I heal my heart? Was this new presence I discovered going to come out in person and embrace me with healing arms and hold my left hand?

I was questioning whether I was in the right place at the right time even on my choice to go for a walk that morning. Like usual, I was in a state of constant self-doubt, questioning whether I was making the right decision to walk up the hill to get back to the house for more exercise or simply walk up the long, gravel driveway! “Stop it,” was the answer I received. “Just stop it. Love is everywhere.”

So as I made my way up the driveway to the house I’ve been living in, renting a room, for nearly five months- finally coming out of my fight or flight mode and into a state of surrender- I looked down the hill to my left where I saw a very familiar woman feeding the deer outside her beautifully painted architectural home. I stopped in my tracks, staring as if questioning the reality of this day.

It was my customer friend from work whom I had just sat outside with in the sun, talking about owls and spirit guides that same week! We’d been running into each other as I was on my breaks just in time to have long enough conversations about healing the disconnect from Mother Earth. I recalled saying, “I just love talking with you. We should do it more often.” And she replied, “Anytime.” All this time, it turns out, we had been living in the same vortex of the forest so “anytime” was really more than possible.

She stared back at me once I called her name down the hill, and called back, “I can’t believe it!” We met halfway down the stairs to the landing and embraced one another. “Come with me,” she took my left hand, squeezing it, and gave me a tour of the outside of her beautiful home. She was feeding the deer because she believes in coexisting with nature, with the animals. Because we only get back what we can give to others and to the Earth.

She took me inside where the walls were decorated with artwork of seemingly Native American style symbols and hieroglyphs, but they were only intuitive makings of my friends whom apparently had been my neighbors for the past five months. A Buddha statue from Tibet sat in the forefront of the living room, illuminated by open windows and light pouring in from all angles. The mountain pines were visibly dense outside the long windows surrounding the room.

I talked with her and her husband for over an hour about ancient art, culture, the world’s heartache, and coexisting with all the animals and plants of the forest, with water, with life. I felt a pool of grace surrounding me, still bewildered that I had been living next to this obviously external beautiful home, oblivious to the ancient inner beauty that was illuminating from within.

So maybe we should all focus on the obvious beauty within ourselves and quit doubting our magical, beautiful essence powerful enough to radiate from the inside out. And maybe we should begin to breathe slowly and look into the depths of the parts of the forest we’re curious about, because there is likely something deeper laying within. Something already familiar to us that for some reason we look past when we are in the space of ego. Perhaps the only layer we have to shed is our ego so that we may love ourselves are the true core essence that we are, always… and from there, we can begin to move forward into seeing the true essence of all of life, coexisting in harmony and love with it all.