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Piñon Pine

My sense of time had been seriously distorted that week due to sleeping in a dark room and being an opener at a coffee shop at 4am, while also subconsciously aware mold must… Continue reading

Emergency Day Trip

“This could be a good bar joke, like when you walk into a bar and meet a girl who gives you the wrong number. Except it’s not like that: Three herbalists walk into… Continue reading

Midnight Flying

Last March, I was settling into my new apartment complex in the dead center of Fort Collins, Colorado (although in all my five months of living there, I was never close to settled).… Continue reading

Green Chili Roots

Sometimes we must retrace our own footsteps and dig deep into our own roots in order to bring forth new beginnings. We must dig deeper than our youth, deeper than our time of birth,… Continue reading

7: Birth

Everywhere I drove, I saw plates from Goshen County marked by the number 7. The number 7 always used to be my favorite number, my lucky number, before I began seeing number patterns… Continue reading


Written July 16th, 2014. You are a seed.You have been planted in the core of this ground and you are spreading your roots, making your way up through the soil, up from the Earth, like… Continue reading

Mañana Cotidiana

The roosters squawk, creating a canon song. An elder woman wearing a  traditional huipil dress sits in a chair eating a mango and her granddaughter sits besides her, eating a coconut. A man reaches… Continue reading

Day of Happiness

Driving from Windy City to the City of Sun was almost unbearable. My friend and I decided to cross the state line on Thursday because we knew better things lay hidden on the… Continue reading

blue light bistro

Months ago, we hesitantly entered the glass doors of this place that was buzzing with the laughter of countless sophisticates. We weren’t quite sure what it was at first—it was much too elaborate… Continue reading

The Voices of Trees

She grew up to be what she believed a good woman to be: gorgeous beyond all belief, with cheeks sunken in to bare her zygomatic bones, lips painted a dark yet subtle color,… Continue reading