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Flame of Intention

If there was a way to make you happy, I would. I would sing by the Fire every evening and hope you’d be there listening. I’d write out the reasons you deserve happiness… Continue reading

Hello, Home

One year ago I walked barefoot through a cave This year I walked barefoot through a forest twice. I ate corn tortillas cooked on kal (limestone) made by the strong worn hands of… Continue reading

the fight

what if there was a way to live without wasted time what if there was a way to regain time wasted what if there was a way to regain time wasted by others… Continue reading

Threads of Destiny

I know why the air is clear. I can almost see those glistening threads, some thick and some thin  binding all organisms, some large and some small, Together—one silky strand at a time.… Continue reading


I yearn to paint under the morning sunlight and sing to a new crowd of people each night, to write stories under the shade of a tree and drink tea in coffeehouses painted… Continue reading

Those Holy Bones

Sonnet 1. I saw her relics last July enclosed within a sheet of thin glass on a cross inside the center globe, carefully posed so that none of the magic would be lost… Continue reading


surrounded by beige bricks and unsmiling faces plastered with skin-colored cream to conceal their real identities stares of judgemental young eyes engulfed in chunks of dried black liquid while walking amongst creatures smelling… Continue reading