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5/5: Big Magic

Two weeks ago, I bought a fairly expensive ticket to see my favorite author and one of my biggest inspirations, Elizabeth Gilbert, speak about her newest book Big Magic. I assumed I wouldn’t… Continue reading

1111: On Signs from HP

Every year my family has a white elephant party. We exchange the lowest scale junk from the depths of our dark closets including old Barbies, kid’s toys, ugly sweaters, and comical party favors.… Continue reading

When the Sun Stood Still

When the sun stood still and so did we, it harmed our world and our galaxy… The stars don’t shine, they seem to sing, ‘Return to your festivities’.  I’ll admit it was a dark… Continue reading

A Taste of Fort Collins (so far)

3/12/15 I’ve finally made it to my dream city after years of unhopeful wishing. I’d always pictured myself in my twenties biking the streets of Oldtown on a yellow cruiser and savoring the… Continue reading

truth behind coincidence

“I don’t understand what it is,” I kept complaining (though I’m sure I sounded grateful) to everyone who would at least not think I’m completely crazy. “I don’t understand why these ‘coincidences’ occur… Continue reading

Day of Happiness

Driving from Windy City to the City of Sun was almost unbearable. My friend and I decided to cross the state line on Thursday because we knew better things lay hidden on the… Continue reading

Threads of Destiny

I know why the air is clear. I can almost see those glistening threads, some thick and some thin  binding all organisms, some large and some small, Together—one silky strand at a time.… Continue reading

Region of Pure Air

This city is made of magic, I swear. It must be something in this air … maybe it’s the rare purity of it that allows unique molecules to linger here instead of being… Continue reading


A.k.a. “How I feel about writing”. The power of words is timelessly underrated. The consequences of words we have handwritten late at night because we couldn’t contain them any longer have become the… Continue reading