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Truth or Consequences II

If you feel a deep gravitational longing in your heart towards someone, do not question why that is. So you were reincarnated. You share the same heart with someone else, and this is… Continue reading

Lessons on Overcoming Fear

If you’re afraid, do not fear. You are not alone. Everyone’s afraid of something. Everyone’s afraid of words. Everyone’s afraid of love. Everyone’s afraid of success. Everyone’s afraid of truth. Everyone’s afraid of… Continue reading

Fear of Imperfection

If anyone has ever told you, “In order to be loved, you must first love yourself…” and left it at that, I want you to recognize that this is a very dangerous and… Continue reading

Love is Everywhere

  I’ve been having two owls appear to me persistently for the past few months- since the beginning of the New Year. They have been showing up in pairs every time I’m in… Continue reading

Too Old, Too Young

To my elders: Do not fear your increasing age. Some say age is only a number. Age is not only a number; age is power. Do you remember being a young adult who… Continue reading


But isn’t it hard to leave the disorganized disaster of your first apartment and your only hometown? Isn’t it heartbreaking to abandon all ten thousand of your soulmates whom make up one sixth of… Continue reading

Upturning Soil

Salvage as much as you can and get rid of as much as possible. There’s a saying that goes, “Always leave a place better than you found it.” I realized that for that… Continue reading

5/5: Big Magic

Two weeks ago, I bought a fairly expensive ticket to see my favorite author and one of my biggest inspirations, Elizabeth Gilbert, speak about her newest book Big Magic. I assumed I wouldn’t… Continue reading

Foreign Lands

So… Did you know I’m a singer-songwriter??? Oh, I never mentioned that? I never wrote about that, not even once? Huh. I really only have one excuse, and it’s a ridiculous one: FEAR.… Continue reading

When the Sun Stood Still

When the sun stood still and so did we, it harmed our world and our galaxy… The stars don’t shine, they seem to sing, ‘Return to your festivities’.  I’ll admit it was a dark… Continue reading