Too Old, Too Young

To my elders: Do not fear your increasing age. Some say age is only a number. Age is not only a number; age is power. Do you remember being a young adult who… Continue reading

Emergency Day Trip

“This could be a good bar joke, like when you walk into a bar and meet a girl who gives you the wrong number. Except it’s not like that: Three herbalists walk into… Continue reading


But isn’t it hard to leave the disorganized disaster of your first apartment and your only hometown? Isn’t it heartbreaking to abandon all ten thousand of your soulmates whom make up one sixth of… Continue reading

Upturning Soil

Salvage as much as you can and get rid of as much as possible. There’s a saying that goes, “Always leave a place better than you found it.” I realized that for that… Continue reading

5/5: Big Magic

Two weeks ago, I bought a fairly expensive ticket to see my favorite author and one of my biggest inspirations, Elizabeth Gilbert, speak about her newest book Big Magic. I assumed I wouldn’t… Continue reading

220: Reality of Consciousness

The thing is, it doesn’t really matter where you go; once you acknowledge the fact that Magic is a constant and real energy, Magic finds YOU. I came to a Wyoming town of… Continue reading

Fallen rain gutter

“What would you do if you were experiencing my unfortunate overload of ideas?” I asked Bill today while sitting at a table by the window of the rustic coffee shop, the sun still shedding a… Continue reading

Midnight Flying

Last March, I was settling into my new apartment complex in the dead center of Fort Collins, Colorado (although in all my five months of living there, I was never close to settled).… Continue reading

Green Chili Roots

Sometimes we must retrace our own footsteps and dig deep into our own roots in order to bring forth new beginnings. We must dig deeper than our youth, deeper than our time of birth,… Continue reading

221: Celebrating Friendship

February 21 Today, David told me that the world’s greatest geniuses including Albert Einstein– who also happen to be some of the most productive and successful of the Earth’s inhabitants, only slept on… Continue reading