1234: Moving Forward

In all honesty, I am not even quite sure of what “numerology” actually means. My definition of numerology may be similar or completely different than the general public’s definition. Regardless, I have begun… Continue reading

217: Signs of Spring

February 17 I saw the first signs of Spring today. The temperature read 34 degrees, but I didn’t believe it. The birds didn’t believe it, either. The moment I stepped out my door,… Continue reading

Foreign Lands

So… Did you know I’m a singer-songwriter??? Oh, I never mentioned that? I never wrote about that, not even once? Huh. I really only have one excuse, and it’s a ridiculous one: FEAR.… Continue reading

1111: On Signs from HP

Every year my family has a white elephant party. We exchange the lowest scale junk from the depths of our dark closets including old Barbies, kid’s toys, ugly sweaters, and comical party favors.… Continue reading

When the Sun Stood Still

When the sun stood still and so did we, it harmed our world and our galaxy… The stars don’t shine, they seem to sing, ‘Return to your festivities’.  I’ll admit it was a dark… Continue reading

Writer’s Revelation

When life gets confusing and nothing makes sense anymore, all you have left are words. Words to delve into the subconscious abyss, gradually winding down a hole filled with white light for minutes,… Continue reading

7: Birth

Everywhere I drove, I saw plates from Goshen County marked by the number 7. The number 7 always used to be my favorite number, my lucky number, before I began seeing number patterns… Continue reading

Day 10

(Yesterday) Today is Day 10 in my new downtown home, working back at my home store, in my hometown… and I can’t stop laughing. I didn’t realize what complete bliss I’d been missing… Continue reading

Flame of Intention

If there was a way to make you happy, I would. I would sing by the Fire every evening and hope you’d be there listening. I’d write out the reasons you deserve happiness… Continue reading

Hello, Home

One year ago I walked barefoot through a cave This year I walked barefoot through a forest twice. I ate corn tortillas cooked on kal (limestone) made by the strong worn hands of… Continue reading