surrounded by beige bricks and unsmiling faces plastered with skin-colored cream to conceal their real identities stares of judgemental young eyes engulfed in chunks of dried black liquid while walking amongst creatures smelling… Continue reading

The Voices of Trees

She grew up to be what she believed a good woman to be: gorgeous beyond all belief, with cheeks sunken in to bare her zygomatic bones, lips painted a dark yet subtle color,… Continue reading

Region of Pure Air

This city is made of magic, I swear. It must be something in this air … maybe it’s the rare purity of it that allows unique molecules to linger here instead of being… Continue reading

Maybe Not

There’s a dream that I see Sitting here alone on this parched New Mexican grass, surrounded by nothing but yellow in all directions, I dip my toes into the shallow stream below me… Continue reading

Lamentation of the Absences of Ghosts

The ghosts that haunted that place had perhaps moved on, no longer caring for it. We would have never suspected that such a magnificent, magical place could have such a short life. It… Continue reading


I have thirty three different versions of my life, either concealed within my mind or written down plainly on paper in notebooks scattered in places I wouldn’t dream of searching for. These thoughts… Continue reading

Someone a Legend Would Admire

They said that when life became a hectic storm of chaos, art was the first to get blown away with the wind. I realized at that moment that I would have to be… Continue reading


I admire those people who walk into a coffee shop late in the cold night just because their souls are attracted to the sound coming from within… Then they just stand there in… Continue reading

Stealing Smiles

Some people doubt that I have the capability to do anything morally wrong, ever. Those people are mistaken. I am a thief. Ever since the day I realized I could possess something belonging… Continue reading

Cafe at Night

(Written on December 10, 2012) The lone dimmed chandelier shone in the coffee shop with wooden floors and wooden walls. Two centuries old, maybe more, maybe less. Music radiated from a male figure… Continue reading